Install ESPEasy

To install ESPEasy, connect your ESP device to your computer, pick your selected variant and click the install button.

See Documentation for a list of which plugin is included in what build variant.

Be aware, this is based on the pending PR I'm working on for ESP-IDF5.1
Only (ESP32) "LittleFS" builds on this page are based on IDF5.1

Major changes in ESP-IDF5.1:
- WiFi
- Timing critical GPIO operations
- ADC (internal Hall Effect sensor no longer supported)
- PWM/Servo
- Serial (UART)
- I2C
- IR related
- NeoPixel
- Access control based on client IP (not yet working)
- Internal temperature sensor
- ESP32-C2 & ESP32-C6 support (pre-alpha state)

This is not yet tested by many people on ESP-IDF5.1.

See for official builds.